Planning and Development Services


Our Role

The Planning and Development Department manages existing and future development and administers local, state and federal funds designated for housing and community development within the City of Lincoln. Matters pertaining to zoning, the comprehensive plan, concurrency, land use, inspections, building codes, and the implementation of programs and activities such as home ownership, rental and owner-occupied housing rehabilitation, public facilities and improvements all fall within the purview of this department. While its responsibilities are varied, the department ensures that development and the implementation of programs and activities in Lincoln occurs in a logical, safe, orderly and fair manner.

The Building Inspection Division is responsible for vertical construction permitting, building inspections, inspections of permitted construction, and floodplain management.

The Community Planning and Zoning Commissionis responsible for the Comprehensive Plan, land use amendments, historic preservation, site and subdivision plan review, commercial and neighborhood planning.

The Zoning Board of Adjustments is responsible for zoning interpretation, administrative deviations, exceptions, variances and waivers.