Revenue Department

License / Revenue / Tax Information

          Hours:  Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

The Revenue Department’s mission is enforcement of business license and tax laws for the City. This department is responsible for licensing all business activity within the city limits and police jurisdiction. The Alabama Department of Revenue administers sales & use, lease and lodging taxes. The City’s Revenue Department collects all gas, tobacco, and wine taxes.

City of Lincoln business licenses are based on either gross receipts or a flat rate as regulated by state law. The license period is based on a calendar year, January 1st – December 31st. Renewals are due by January 31st of each year after which time penalties and interest incur. Each business license issued by the city is assessed a $12.00 issuance fee. For more detailed information on business licenses click on the available links.

Kim Davidson
Revenue Officer

150 Magnolia Street
P.O. Box 172
Lincoln, AL 35096
(205) 763-4006



Report Unlicensed Activity and Violations! 
Call (205) 763-4006 or (205) 763-4005