Rules & Regulations

  Lincoln Park Complex 

  • NO heckling or harassing coaches, players, umpires or officials
  • NO profanity
  • NO outside food or drinks
  • NO bicycles or skateboards
  • NO coolers
  • NO heaters, propane tanks or electric fans
  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES of any kind will be allowed in any part of Lincoln park
  • Tobacco products will only be allowed in designated areas
  • No overnight stays are allowed at Lincoln Park Sports Complex
  • No grilling or cooking of any form in any area of Lincoln Park Sports Complex at any time
  • You must park in designated parking areas ONLY; overflow parking in lower parking area only.  Please have Handicap Parking Sticker displayed or Handicap Tag.

* Upper Park lot is for Officials, ARPA Members, Handicap and Senior Citizens
Once Upper Parking lot is full you will be ask to park in lower lot or overflow

If you have any questions please contact Lincoln Parks and Recreation at