Comprehensive Plan

"The City of Lincoln is a city where citizens are inspired to work together to create a great place to live, to raise a family, to learn, to work and to prosper."


In 2013, the City Council of Lincoln employed the services of Epiphany Collaborative LLC as consultants to facilitate and direct the Comprehensive Planning Process. The previous Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2004. State Law requires all municipalities to conduct a review and update of a city's Comprehensive Plan every 10 years. Over 80 citizens have participated in this process. Our goal was to complete the process in early 2015 and present the formal plan to the citizens of Lincoln at that time. This goal was met on May 21, 2015.

Elements of the plan include: Economic Development, Transportation, Healthcare, Recreation and Senior Activities, Tourism, Historic, Utilities and Environmental. Each Element Committee was made up of 8-12 members.

The City of Lincoln Comprehensive Plan “ONE VISION” establishes a developmental strategy and policies to guide the future growth and development of the community. The Plan assesses existing conditions and trends, and provides recommendations for the use and development of land, the extension and improvement of transportation services and infrastructure, the development of community parks and recreation, the needs of senior citizens, the expansion of the City’s economic base, revitalization of Historic Downtown, promotion of healthcare, and the protection of natural resources.

It is with great pleasure to present The City of Lincoln's Comprehensive Plan - One Vision, Many Voices to our citizens.

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One Vision
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Vision
Chapter 3 - Planning Context
Chapter 4 - Land Use
Chapter 5 - Environmental
Chapter 6 - Recreation and Senior Services
Chapter 7 - Transportation
Chapter 8 - Public Utilities
Chapter 9 - Economic Development
Chapter 10 - Tourism
Chapter 11 - Historic Downtown
Chapter 12 - Healthcare
Chapter 13 - Community Collaboration
Chapter 14 - Implementation
Map - Lincoln Road Classification
Map - Lincoln Existing Land Use 2014
Map - Lincoln Future Land Use 2015