Fire & Rescue Services

Services We Provide:

Fire Suppression: The fire department responds to fires involving structures, equipment, vehicles, and land.

Emergency Medical Service:
The Department operates two advanced life support ambulances with a licensed paramedic. Each fire engine is equipped with medical supplies to supplement emergency calls. The Department provides emergency calls and transports to local hospitals.


80 Spring Branch Rd.

Alexandria, Al. 36250

Phone: 256-236-6005

Fire Investigation:  
Lincoln has a recognized fire investigation unit consisting of police certified personnel .  The primary purpose of the Fire Investigation Bureau is to determine fire origin and cause, whether accidental or incendiary. The responsibilities of the Fire Investigation Bureau include the fire scene investigation and follow up procedures to determine the nature of the incident.  The investigators work with Lincoln Police Department, Talladega County Sheriff’s Office, State of Alabama Fire Marshal Office, Talladega County District Attorney Office and other Public Safety Agencies to complete a thorough investigation.

To contact the Lincoln Fire Investigation Bureau call: (205) 763-4042

Alabama Arson hotline: 1-800-654-0775

The Department supports an extensive training program to meet emergency needs such as: vehicle extracation, aircraft fires, high angle, trench, and confined space rescue.  The courses include but are not limited to: Emergency Medical Services training and various Alabama Fire College certification courses.

For training questions please contact:  Capt. John Luker at: (205) 763-7777 ext. 4356

Hazardous Material Response:
The Department has personnel trained to respond to hazardous material incidents. This department responds to all levels of hazardous material incidents. Lincoln is one of only 2 Haz-Mat teams within Talladega County .

For Hazardous Materials questions or concerns please contact:  Lt. Kevin Sturdivant at: (205) 763-7777 ext. 4356

Water Rescue:
The Water Rescue Department has a trained dive rescue team and is boat ready for water rescue. The Department supplements the services of the Police Department dive team when requested.

Fire Safety Education:
Lincoln Fire/Injury Prevention Program was founded in 2004 by officers certified as Public Fire and Life Safety Education Specialist with the primary goal of preventing loss of life and property thru education.  In 2005, we ventured beyond the classic Stop, Drop and Roll era and implemented the NFPA Risk Watch Program into our schools and daycares.  This program covers Motor Vehicle safety, Gun Safety, Fire Safety, Fall Injury Prevention, Water Safety, Choking and Poison Prevention to name a few.  In 2006, we added the Fatal Vision Program to our high school program.  This program is geared toward teaching teenagers the risks involved in under aged use of intoxicants such as alcohol and recreational drugs. It also allows us to vividly demonstrate the effects of intoxicants in a safe controlled manner.

In 2009, Lincoln Fire was able to document our first confirmed "Life Saved" as a direct result of our public education program.  A five year old boy whom we taught Fire Safety during Fire Prevention week was awakened from a nap to find his bedroom on fire.  The fire was between him and his door.  He did exactly as he was taught and got low to the floor and crawled as far from the fire as he could, put a blanket over his face and screamed to get the attention of a family member and was rescued.  Brantson Smith is alive today because of the life safety education he obtained from our program.