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City Curbside Pickup Guidelines & Schedule
August 3, 2018
[Posted 8/13/2018]

The City of Lincoln is pleased to announce the start of our curbside pickup service of limbs and
brush. This service is provided to our citizens at no charge. The routes will be run the first full
week of each month. The guidelines for the service are enclosed along with a route map. As this
is a new venture, there may be some changes made as we seek to improve the service. This
program is only offered within the city limits.

Brush Pickup Guidelines

According to Ordinance No. 2018 — 11, Section 2 the following criteria must be met before the brush truck will pick up any roadside debris.


2. Each residence within the city limits of the City of Lincoln will receive one free pickup of general
household contents or yard debris per month.

3. Residential limb customers must place all limbs by the roadway or street edge away from
obstructions such as overhead electrical, telephone and cable lines.

4. All limbs and debris must be generated from the property in which the Lincoln Street Department
removes them and not more than one load will be removed per day for each premise.

5. All limbs shall be placed with tops in the same direction. They shall be cut to 8- foot lengths or less
and no larger than 8 inches in diameter. Any limbs larger than 8- inch diameter shall be stacked

6. All grass clippings, pine straw and leaves shall be securely tied in plastic bags. Bags shall be of such quality to contain all contents when picked up by hand or machine.

7. The brush truck will be utilized for curbside pickup of yard waste and household contents only.
These items must be loaded easily from a public street. The Lincoln Street Department reserves the
right to deny pick up of any load that does not meet the criteria for curbside pickup.

8. Building debris such as lumber, plaster/drywall, roofmg, concrete, brickbats and other like materials
resulting from construction, repair or remodeling of any building on private property will not be
removed. The owner or contractor is responsible for removing these items.

9. This service is not provided for contract work such as tree surgeons, tree trimmers, building or
roofmg contractors. Any rubbish from private construction or demolition is also prohibited.

10. No refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers or similar appliances containing freon will be picked up
by the Lincoln Street Department. These items must be removed by a licensed professional and
disposed of properly.

11. No tires, paint cans, rocks, dirt, concrete, pesticides or hazardous waste of any kind will be picked
up by the Lincoln Street Department

A door hanger will be placed on the door of any residence in violation of any of the above guidelines with the violation noted.

NOTICE— City employees will do their best to not disturb the grass or ground under all debris but there is the possibility the grapple can cause damage. Communities and subdivisions are welcome to find a site inside the subdivision to use for a pickup site. This must be approved by the Street Department beforehand.
If you have questions or concerns contact Travis Mattox, Street Department Supervisor, at                    (205)763-1745.

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