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City Council

General Information

The City Council is the legislative branch of Lincoln’s city government. The Council works with the Mayor to provide governmental oversight of the city.

Working as a team to accomplish goals is a predominant characteristic of the present council. The Council and Mayor work together to better our city and its continued growth. Our goals include excelling in the delivery of city services, recruitment of new businesses and industries and to make Lincoln a more a livable city.

The Council is made up of five members and the mayor, all serving four year terms.

Mayor – Claude “Bud” Kitchin

Ward 1 – Sadie Britt
Ward 2 – Billy Pearson
Ward 3 – Gwen Barber
Ward 4 – H. H. “Kurt” Kuykendall
Ward 5 – Jean B. Burk

Regular City Council meetings are scheduled at 5:00 PM every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Citizens and other interested parties are encouraged to attend. Citizens are permitted to address the council by calling the city clerk and asking to be placed on the agenda. Business activites concerning the city are best handled with the city departments.

To be Placed on the Agenda

To be placed on the Council Meeting Agenda call the City Clerk’s Office at (205) 763-4001 or send a request via Email to If you choose to request by Email please keep in mind that you are not on the agenda until you receive a confirmation. Please submit a telephone number with your request.

Archived minutes from previous council meetings are not presently available on the web but will be in the future.

If you need a copy of Council Minutes, please email