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Police Department

Our Police department is a community oriented team.  Each year the police department sponsors the annual Toys for Tots program at Christmas, and with our Fire Dept. they assist in the Halloween candy check.  The department is involved and supports the county drug task force, juvenile services, and investigative work for misdemeanors and felonies.  Other duties our department handles is the Animal control for the city.

The department encourages the men and women of the department to take additional training beyond the required training needed for certification each year. The Police Department is a progressive and modern department striving every day to provide a safe community; protecting the lives and property of our city.

The Toys for Tots program has been operated by the department for over 20 years. Each year the department accepts request from needy families and attempts to fill those needs to make it a happy Christmas for those families. Donations are accepted at any time for the program.