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Mayor’s Office & Tax Info

The mayor functions as the CEO of the city. Questions regarding city services or other activities may be placed to the mayor. To contact the mayor call 205-763-4000 or email at

In Alabama property taxes are traditionally low. Well how low? Lets take a home in Lincoln which has been appraised at $200,000. For residential property the assessment rate is 10%. So the $200,000 home will be assessed at $20,000. The millage rate is 39 mills. That would make the tax on the home to be $780.00. But that’s not the end of the story. There is a homestead exemption to be applied so lets’ take off $45.00 for that leaving $735.00 to be paid each year. Yes, that’s the yearly amount. Are there other exemptions for property tax, sho-nuf! There are deductions for disability and over age 65 there are deductions which are based on income.

And if the tax rate on your home has got your attention wait till you see how much your homeowners policy is going to cost you. With the city having a Class 3 fire rating your insurance cost is going to be very very low. (Fire insurance ratings range from 1 to 10 with a 1 being the best and a 10 the worse. Only 16 communities in the state have a Class 2 rating, so for a small city our rating is very very good.)

When you pay your property tax of the 39 mills 5 of those mills is for our city, 9.5 mills go to the county for roads, the school system gets 18 mills and the state gets 6.5 mills and county get 5 mills. It takes 10 mills to equal one cent.